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R&B Switchgear Group awarded ‘Excellent Employer’ Kitemark by Next Gen Makers

R&B Switchgear Academy

R&B Switchgear Group are excited to announce that they have been awarded the prestigious ‘Excellent Employer’ Kitemark accreditation for their engineering apprenticeship programme. This esteemed recognition reflects R&B’s unwavering commitment to supporting the next generation of engineers through robust training and development.

R&B take immense pride in providing their apprentices with invaluable hands-on experience, comprehensive skill development, and a seamless transition into professional roles within the power engineering industry.

This accreditation underscores R&B’s dedication to maintaining high standards in workforce development and our leadership in the engineering sector. Notably, R&B Switchgear Group are the second company in Greater Manchester to receive this accreditation, following Siemens, a renowned multinational conglomerate.​​

“This award helps us differentiate ourselves and stand out as an excellent employer for future talent. It supports continuous improvement and ensures we continue to provide the best environment for apprentices. The Kitemark gives people confidence that they are choosing an employer that goes the extra mile to develop engineering apprentices and create future pathways for them. We will be re-accredited each year to retain the Kitemark.”

R&B Switchgear Group HR Director, Jo Hindle

R&B Switchgear Group are committed to maintaining excellence by actively pursuing the ‘Excellent Employer’ accreditation every year through the ‘Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme’.