Package Substations

Engineered for seamless integration and reliable performance, our package substations prioritise quality and practicality, empowering your infrastructure with dependable power solutions.

energising possibilities

Compact and versatile substation

For over 30 years, R&B Switchgear Group has been at the forefront of power engineering, innovating across industries. As bespoke switchgear experts, we combine technical expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive solutions, with a focus on package substations.

Our package substations offer a compact and versatile solution, designed to house essential electrical equipment securely. Whether you require a temporary, scalable power solution, or a backup power source, our package substations provide a dependable and efficient way to manage power distribution in various settings. With our unparalleled level of international experience and expertise, you can trust us to deliver high-quality projects that adhere to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

complete intergrated solutions

Why choose our package substation solutions?

We offer a comprehensive range of package substation solutions up to 33kV, suitable for both outdoor & indoor applications. Our package substations offer the most cost-effective solution for logistics, management, and time efficiency.

Our compact and modular package substations are engineered for effortless installation and upkeep. Tailored to varying voltage levels, environmental conditions, and regulatory standards, each design ensures optimal performance and durability.

Substation Breakdown

Package substation components

Our package substations are designed with LV/HV transformers, switchgear, protection and control equipment, enclosure, cooling system and earthing system including but not limited to:

  • LV distribution fusegear and feeder pillars
  • LV/HV Transformers
  • Gas insulated switchgear



Reduced overheads by eliminating the need for costly cabling
Flexibility in choosing your switchgear configurations
Improved logistics by being delivered as a single unit

Keeping industries ticking with the ultimate support for critical power applications

Operating on an international scale, we have a wealth of experience delivering complex power distribution projects across the marine, offshore, energy, transport, defence and public service sectors. Our clients trust us and that’s why they choose to partner with us again and again. 

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Exceeding industry standards

We follow the industry’s leading governing bodies, and hold an impressive list of accreditations to demonstrate our commitment to cyber security, health and safety, quality and environmental excellence.