Early careers in engineering

R&B Switchgear Group is committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations, and we believe that nurturing exceptional talent is the key to achieving this goal. Our apprenticeships, T Level placements and graduate programmes are designed for those looking to ignite their career and make a difference within the power engineering industry.


Engineering the next generation of innovators

Unleash your potential with one the UK’s leaders in electrical switchgear and power engineering services. If you’re someone who thrives on challenge and innovation, and are eager to contribute to an industry that powers our world, we would love to hear from you.

With a wide range of early career pathways to choose from, apprenticeships, T Level placements, graduate programmes, you’ll have the unique opportunity to be part of ground-breaking projects, gaining hands-on experience whilst working with some of world’s largest blue-chip companies. There’s a path for all academic levels, from school leavers and college/sixth form placements, to graduates and new professionals seeking their next big challenge.

Best-in-class provider

Greater Manchester’s latest ‘Excellent Employer’

Kitemark awarded by Next Gen Makers
In 2024, R&B Switchgear Group received the prestigious ‘Excellent Employer’ Kitemark accreditation for our engineering apprenticeship programme. This esteemed recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting the next generation of engineers through robust training and development. We take immense pride in providing our apprentices with invaluable hands-on experience, comprehensive skill development, and a seamless transition into professional roles within the power engineering industry.
This accreditation underscores our dedication to maintaining high standards in workforce development and our leadership in the engineering sector. Notably, we are the second company in Manchester to receive this accreditation, following Siemens, a renowned multinational conglomerate.​​
We are committed to maintaining excellence by actively pursuing the ‘Excellent Employer’ accreditation every year through the ‘Engineering Apprenticeships: Best Practice Programme’.
R&B Switchgear Academy
Development programmes

The R&B Switchgear Academy

Our Electrical and Mechanical Programme, tailored for Apprenticeships, T Level Placements and Graduate Programmes, is all about giving you the foundation to build a trailblazing career at R&B Switchgear Group. It is a chance to kickstart your training in an exciting, future-facing industry whilst receiving the support you need to achieve your full potential.

A programme designed for aspiring engineers, by experienced engineers.



SHAPING your future

Choose your career pathway

We are open to everyone at all academic levels, school leavers, college/sixth form placements, graduates and even those in work who are ready for their next big challenge.


Our apprenticeships offer a unique blend of practical experience and electrical and mechanical theoretical knowledge, creating a pathway for individuals to master their craft while working alongside seasoned professionals.

Applications for apprenticeships are now closed until January 2025.

T Level Placements

We are leading the way with our revolutionary 45-day (9 week) placements, providing 2nd year students a direct route to electrical and mechanical practical proficiency and career readiness. Gaining valuable, practical, and specific on-the-job work experience and the opportunity for enrolment in further education and training available.

Applications for T Level placements are now closed until January 2025.

Graduate Programmes

We welcome graduates from all levels—undergraduates, postgraduates, and those in sandwich programs—to thrive and succeed with us. Our rotation plan allows the exploration of different business functions, inc. Manufacturing, Services, Projects, Sales & Estimating.

Applications for graduate programmes are now closed until January 2025.


T Level Placements

Graduate Programmes

Steps to success

View our live vacancies online here and apply with your CV and cover letter, or email your application to careers@rbswitch.com.

Suitable candidates will be invited to one of our assessment days.

Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to an interview.

Successful candidates will begin their career journey here at R&B Switchgear Group.

Workplace benefits

We offer our aspiring engineers an array of benefits that go beyond the ordinary.

Travel the world

With opportunities to work on projects abroad, you’ll not only develop technical skills but also gain a global perspective.

Investment in further training & development

Explore additional opportunities to upskill and grow with us. Our latest LMS (Learning Management System) allows for easier on-the-go learning. Contributing to both personal success and the resilience of our thriving organisation.

Occupational health scheme

Prioritising your well-being by providing regular health check-ups, preventive measures, and support for a safe working environment.

Hear from them

What our students have to say

Hear from them personally about what they think of life at R&B…


Apprentice Engineer

As an apprentice, working at R&B has been one of the most enlightening experiences.

Through working with other experienced colleagues and trainers, such as our Technical Training Manager Gavin, I have learned the basics and the caveats of becoming a professional engineer. And that valuable knowledge is sometimes only found in a place like R&B.

They have taken care of and provided for me with the hospitality of their office staff and the equipment that every engineer needs.

My skills and knowledge are a testament to R&B’s ability to make brilliant engineers out of anyone who is willing to try.


Apprentice Engineer

I am amazed by how much I have learned in so little time. I’m enjoying working with different types of engineers from different backgrounds within the workshop. I feel extremely supported while at work and cannot wait for the new experiences to come.


Apprentice Engineer

I have only been working at R&B for a short time but I am impressed with how my journey has been going so far. Everyone is so patient and willing to help and I look forward to seeing how far I’ll progress working at R&B

network with big industry players

Opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies

Navigating tomorrow together

Be part of the change

Here at R&B Switchgear Group we have goals that drive us forward to a brighter and better future.


To become a best-in-class provider of power engineering solutions and after-sales care.

‘R&B Standard’

By developing our own R&B products, enforcing the ‘R&B standard’ and elevating our network of after-sales specialists.

Carbon Neutral

R&B Switchgear Group is committed to its own energy-saving solutions and is collaborating with sustainability experts, Positive Planet, to implement a radical reduction plan across its office network and manufacturing facility. This includes the installation of greener energy solutions such as electric charging points and solar panels, with the goal of achieving a carbon neutral target by 2040.