T Level Placement Programme

Learn more about our T Level placement programme for engineering. Designed for aspiring engineers, by experienced engineers.

Equivalent to 3 A Levels
A 45-day industry placement
80% classroom, 20% work
R&B switchgear academy

What is our T Level placement programme?

Applications for T Level placements are now closed until January 2025.

Our T Level placement programme is a 45-day (9 week) industry placement at the R&B Switchgear Academy during your 2nd year of study. You will gain valuable, practical, and specific on-the-job work experience.

In your first year, you will need to collaborate with your college to secure a industry placement here at R&B Switchgear Group. Don’t worry, your college will help you prepare with required expectations so you’re more than ready for the challenge of an industry placement. To get started submit your CV and cover letter here!


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What will I learn?

In your placement, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of tooling and effective working practices, ensuring you apply them correctly and with precision
  • Hone your practical hand skills in both mechanical and electrical engineering, involving tasks such as reading drawings, precise measurement and marking, drilling, cutting, filing, and utilizing various measuring devices
  • Expand your knowledge and skills within mechanical and electrical systems, gaining a thorough understanding of Switchboard layouts, components, and the ability to interpret associated drawings, including general arrangement and schematic

How will I be assessed?

You’ll be diving into technical assessments on training rigs, honing your skills in using tools, perfecting good working practices for stripping and crimping, and becoming a pro at identifying, running in looms/trunking, and terminating cables. These assessments will showcase your understanding of wiring diagrams and basic schematics, cable terminating, and following schematics and pictures. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and conquer these practical challenges.

Are you ready to kickstart your career?

If our programme aligns with your ambitions and you have a genuine passion for engineering, take the first step in kickstarting your career. Submit your application today!


Applications for T Level placements are now closed until January 2025.



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