Utilising over 35 years of experience working with heritage Whipp & Bourne assets, we have designed a innovative retrofit solution (RET IFR-NW) for the 415V IFR Whipp & Bourne circuit breaker.

The retrofit consists of installing a Merlin Gerin NW ACB within the existing Whipp & Bourne carriage.

The existing switchboard protection can be retained by using a Non-Automatic type ACB or a new Micrologic Programmable protection relay which can be incorporated with the ACB.

All main interlocks have been retained in the modification to prevent the retrofit being installed or removed from the switchboard whilst in the closed position. By carrying out the retrofit in this way it alleviates the necessity to modify the existing switchboard busbars etc. This method, in our opinion is by far the most cost effective solution for upgrading the switchboard on site. it also guarantees future support and reliability for years to come.

As part of our Whipp & Bourne retrofit package, customer’s drawings are updated on CAD to contemporary standards producing standard drawings for each circuit type.

Technical Data For ACB Type NW

Rated Insulation Voltage Ui : 1000V
Rated Withstand Voltage Uimp : 12KV
Rated Operational Voltage Ue : 690V 50/60Hz
Degree Of Pollution : IEC 60664-1 4
Current Ratings : 800 to 3200A
Complying To Standard : BSEN 60947-2
(Circuit Breaker)

Ultimate Breaking Capacity Icu : 65KA rms
Service Breaking Capacity Ics : 65KA rms
Rated Short Time : 65KA / 1 sec rms
Withstand Icw : 36KA / 3 sec rms
Rated Making Capacity Icm : 143KA Peak
Complying To Standard : BSEN 60947-3
(Switch - Disconnector)

Rated Making Capacity Icm : 105-187KA Peak
Rated Short Time : 50/85KA / 1 sec rms
Withstand Icw : 36/75KA / 3 sec rms

All of our retrofit solutions can be easily installed using the original Whipp & Bourne chassis to ensure the installation process is efficient as
possible, reducing downtime and keeping costs to a minimum.

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