Partial Discharges cause progressive deterioation of components, ultimately leading to flashover and failure.

Partial Discharge may be caused by faults in manufacturing and installation, or develop in service.

A Partial Discharge is an electrical discharge or spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes.

Partial Discharges can be detected by measuring the emissions they give off: Ultrasonic Sound, Transient Earth Voltages (TEV and UHF energy).

The SONUS PD is specifically designed for Partial Discharge (PD) and Airborne Emission (AE) detection on Medium and High Voltage Switchgear. The unit detects Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) signals generated by internal partial discharge as well as ultrasound acoustic discharge generated by surface tracking, arcing or corona. PD detection can be utilized to detect early warning signs of equipment insulation failure. Inspections can be performed quickly and safely by maintenance personnel with minimal training. Fast and accurate diagnosis of problems using the SONUS PD will help you prevent unexpected outages.